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I’m Chef Ken Baker. I’ve been cooking since I was a punk running around Rhinebeck, NY. I graduated from the Culinary Institute of America, and spent the majority of my career working in the finest kitchens and restaurants in South Florida, including The Four Ambassadors Hotel, and Monty’s Stone Crab where I served as Executive Chef.

I love music, my guitars, my wife and my devil’s spawn; & I especially love cooking for my family and friends.

I’m here to share my experiences and tips with you. Together, you will learn how to make your favorite foods at home, better than your favorite restaurants!

So if you’re ready,

Let’s Cook Something!

This Week’s Featured Recipe

If you burned the roast, over-salted the potatoes, or accidentally served cooking wine to your guests, you’re gonna need a sure-fire dessert to save the meal.

My Better Than Key Lime Pie is here to SYA. You’re welcome :D.

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